Friday, November 25, 2005

Light bill hike for Cubans

Light bill hike for Cubans
Wednesday the Cuban government announced an increase in electricity rates to consumers and at the same time it gave workers an increase in wages. A decree signed by President Fidel Castro said that the increases would come into effect in December.

The official Granma newspaper said the monthly electrical bill in the domestic sector would remain unchanged for the first 100 kilowatts.

Cuba's electricity is highly subsidised, since the state only charges nine US cents per kilowatt/hour.

The new decree contains the first legal measure in the Cuba’s vital and decisive struggle for power saving.

The decree establishes that monthly bills over 100 kilowatts/hour and up to 150 will be hiked from to US 20¢ to US 30¢ per kilowatt/hour in the additional consumption.

The decree gives a sliding scale noting that consumers who use more than 300 kilowatts/hour would be required to pay up to US $1.40, per additional kilowatt/hour.

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