Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Chinese auto producer Yutong exports more buses to Cuba

Chinese auto producer Yutong exports more buses to Cuba
08:03, September 26, 2007

Chinese auto maker Yutong Group Co. Ltd. has delivered 200 mass transit
buses to Cuba, the first such China-made vehicles ever exported, a
company spokesman said.

In accordance with a Sino-Cuban export agreement, Cuba will import 5,348
buses or coaches from Yutong, based Zhengzhou, capital of central
China's Henan Province, from 2007 to 2009.

The buses, with a value of 300 million yuan (37.5 million US dollars),
will first be transported to Lianyungang, east China, from where they
will be shipped to Cuba.

Yutong is a large enterprise group with bus making as the core business.
It is also involved in auto parts and engineering machinery
manufacturing, and property development. The group chalked up more than
10.14 billion yuan (1.27 billion US dollars) in total sales last year.

The company started to export coaches to Cuba in 2005 and by late 2006,
it exported more than 1,200 coaches to the Caribbean nation. Yutong also
exports coaches to other countries and regions in the Middle East,
Africa and South Asia.

Source: Xinhua

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