Saturday, April 28, 2007

A Conference for Cuba's Freedom in Berlin

Publicado el 04-28-2007
A Conference for Cuba's Freedom in Berlin

It is certainly very important for the cause of Cuba's freedom that a
conference has just been held in Berlin by non-Governmental Organizations
and former government officials from Europe, United States and Latin America
under the title of "Democracy in Cuba: In Search of Common Initiatives". The
influential Conrad Adenauer Foundation and the International Committee for
Democracy in Cuba organized the conference. In attendance besides the former
officials alluded to were acting officials, including legislators from
several countries, important representatives of the German government and
Caleb McCarry, Coordinator of the U.S. Presidential Commission for Change in
Cuba. There were also representatives of the Cuban exile. In yesterday's
edition, this newspaper published a detailed report by Dr. Ariel Remos,
mentioning all the personalities from different areas of the world that
convened in the German capital.

While there are some governments around the world that favor the
totalitarian Marxist-Leninist tyranny of Fidel Castro and others that
actually are its accomplices, what happened in Berlin represents a
significant effort of political and human morality. And this is so, because
in Cuba there is a systematic and brutal violation of human rights that
hurts the sensibility of all those who around the world are concerned and
infuriated by these violations.

One of the most important issues discussed there was to pressure the Cuban
tyranny to allow representatives of the International Red Cross to visit the
political prisoners in the island who are kept in infrahuman conditions. If
the dictatorship of Fidel Castro and his brother Raúl could prove that there
are not so many political prisoners in Cuba and in this type of conditions,
it would not insist –condemnable insistence— in not allowing the
International Red Cross to visit the island. Moreover, it must be taken into
consideration that the United Nations' Commission for Human Rights has never
been able to fulfill its mandate to visit Cuba to verify the violations of
human rights there.

This gathering of advocates of Cuba's freedom, among whom there were several
former heads of State, is something of great significance for Cuba and the
cause of its liberty.

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