Saturday, January 31, 2009

Big order for Cuba

Big order for Cuba
Shanghai, China
Thursday, 29 Jan 2009

Hytsu Group has begun the new year positively, after filling a
significant order for a Cuban textile company.

The Chinese-based materials handling company delivered 34 electric
forklifts to Teco Textile Company on January 19. The textile
manufacturer will use the forklifts in its warehouse.

A Hytsu spokesperson says that in these times of economic crisis, this
order reflects the excellent relationship the company has with Cuba.

Hytsu has plans to launch a range of new products this year and expand
its market.

"In 2009, Hytsu will launch new 1.5- to 1.8-tonne S100 series IC
forklifts, a new 4- to 5-tonne S100 series IC forklift and a new 2- to
3-tonne cushion tyre truck for the American market," the spokesperson
says. "Hytsu will seek opportunities in the Middle East, Russia and Brazil."

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