Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tropical Peaches Grow Well in Cuba

Tropical Peaches Grow Well in Cuba

To widen its variety of tropical fruits, Cuba is now experimenting to
grow peaches, informed Adolfo Rodríguez Nodal, director of the National
Institute of Fundamental Research on Tropical Agriculture (INIFAT,
acronym in Spanish).

Small parcels (2.47 acres) have been planted from western Pinar del Rio
province to Granma in the eastern part of the island in order to collect
enough seeds for nurseries. Plantations have already flowered throughout
the country.

"It´s a new experience, advancing satisfactorily, as we collect more
seeds there will be more knowledge about this crop", he said to the
National Information Agency (AIN).

Peaches are ideal for all kinds of persons and its fiber prevents and
lessens constipation, contributes to reduce the cholesterol index and
makes an efficient control of glucose concentration in the blood in
patients with diabetes.

Rodriguez Nodal, who is also head of the National Urban Agriculture
Group, said planting of chayote is also being stimulated. This vegetable
is hoped to fill the state-run farmers´ markets in the future.

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