Thursday, August 31, 2006

Police target satellite antennas

Police target satellite antennas

HAVANA, Cuba - August 23 ( Juan González Febles / -
National police carried out a series of raids during the first half of
August in several municipalities of Havana looking for illegal antennas
capable of capturing TV signals from abroad.

Residents in several areas of the city report that police are still
carrying out sporadic raids, typically timed to coincide with the
broadcast times of the most popular programs: Sábado Gigante, Show de
Cristina, and Show de Laura, presumably to surprise the owners of the
improvised artifacts.

Although some of the antennas have been brought in from abroad or
obtained from foreigners living in the island, most are fabricated using
only ingenuity and the most improbable materials.

The reception of satellite signals from abroad is essentially illegal
for Cubans. The government, which owns and operates all media, calls any
attempt to defeat its controls piracy.

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