Thursday, August 31, 2006

Defense Committee tells citizens how to act

Defense Committee tells citizens how to act

HOLGUIN, Cuba - August 4 (Liannis Meriño Aguilera, Jóvenes sin Censura / - Officials of the No. 2 Committee for the Defense of
the Revolution, in the town of Banes, Holguín province, held a meeting
August 2 to tell citizens how to act during these difficult times in
which the Revolution is threatened.

Committee president Ricardo Hidalgo said the orders are to arrest anyone
who speaks ill of the Revolution. Anyone who is heard making fun or any
adverse comment about the Commander in Chief's health should be taken
directly to the nearest police station, even by physical force if necessary.

Reportedly, two youths in the town of Limpio de Cañadón, near Boca de
Samá, were arrested under these circumstances.

Hidalgo also mentioned people broadcasting information abroad, the
so-called "independent journalists," who are paid by foreign interests.
Hidalgo said receiving money from the enemy is a crime, and that those
surprised in these activities would be taken directly to jail.

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