Thursday, August 31, 2006

Cuban Political Prisioner Brutally Beaten

Cuban Political Prisioner Brutally Beaten
2006-08-27 Cuban Democratic Directorate
Press Release

Jorge Luís García Pérez "Antúnez" is handcuffed and beaten

Camagüey, August 24, 2006 – Cuban political prisoner, Jorge Luís García
Pérez "Antúnez", who had declared himself on hunger strike since August
21st demanding religious and medical attention, was brutally beaten by
guards in Kilo 7 Prison in Camagüey.

This urgent information was transmitted from the same prison by prisoner
Ramón Delgado Prieto. "Antúnez was taken from the cell block
(Destacamento 5) last night and beaten brutally with his hands
handcuffed behind his back, because we began a hunger strike against
repression and demanded religious and medical attention, while
supporting Guillermo Fariñas". Delgado Prieto, had joined Antúnez since
August 10th, when both prisoners began a fast protesting arbitrary
violations committed against prisoners in Kilo 7.

According to a press release given by Antúnez from prison this past
Monday, August 21st, the fast became a total hunger strike beginning on
that day. In the communiqué, Antúnez reiterated his call to fellow
Cubans not to cooperate with the dictatorship.

"I am extremely worried, I feel horrible because I have just learned
that my brother was fiercely beaten and that he was handcuffed. This is
a grave injustice and abuse, and they will have to respond for this
situation. They did not have to beat him, but rather comply with what he
is demanding. From here, I am accusing all those people who took part in
this, I am making them responsible, the prison administration and the
cowards who put their dirty hands on the body of a defenseless political
prisoner even more so that they had him restrained," stated Bertha
Antúnez Pernet, Antúnez's sister, from Placetas.

The Cuban Democratic Directorate denounces this violation of human
rights before international public opinion, and demands solidarity with
this political prisoner and his family.



Janisset Rivero

Diane Cabrera

Cuban Democratic Directorate


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