Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cuba Rejoices at Successful Elections

Cuba Rejoices at Successful Elections
Written by drugtestallpoliticians
Story written: 23 October 2007

Havana, Cuba (IP) - Cubans ran into the streets en masse today overjoyed
and celebrating the great exhilaration they feel in the workers maximum
paradise at having attained such success and glory via yesterdays election.

In the national ring Cubans had the choice of Raul Castro or Raul Castro
for presidente. Our reporter found out that the Cuban voters in Havana
could choose between Jorge Rodriguez or Jorge Rodriguez for mayor of Havana.

In Trinidad, Las Villas on the south side of the Island they could
choose for their mayor either Pedro Gonzales or Pedro Gonzales. The race
for dog catcher there was very close between Ricardo Jimenez or Ricardo

Women were running for office also. In Matanzas you could choose between
Maria Vaszquez or Maria Vasquez for governor of the province. In Las
Islas de la Palmas township the choice was either Hildelisa Arguellos or
Hildelisa Arguellos for Chief City Council Person.

Even though all of the results are not in yet we will bring you an
update on the elections and are extremely confident with the projections
as to who the winners will be in almost 99% of the precincts.

The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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