Saturday, November 28, 2009

Same old Cuba: Tyranny pervades

Same old Cuba: Tyranny pervades
Saturday, November 28, 2009

No one should be surprised that Raul Castro's July 2006 assumption of
power from his ill brother has yet to free the Cuban people from heinous
repression by their island nation's Communist regime.

Thus, the U.S. must not use this regime "change" -- a distinction
without a difference -- as a reason to further "engage" Cuba.

The unchanged plight of the Cuban people is made clear by the new Human
Rights Watch report, "New Castro, Same Cuba." Raul Castro has shown he
cares as little for human rights and civil liberties as his brother
Fidel always has, making unwise any additional Obama administration
moves toward more normal relations with Cuba.

Under Raul, the Castro regime continues to use vague "dangerousness"
charges to persecute Cubans whose advocacy of fundamental freedoms
threatens the government's power. The 132-page report documents more
than 40 cases of the Cuban police state suppressing dissent through
imprisonment imposed by kangaroo courts, denial of work and brutality
toward political prisoners.

Raul Castro can have better relations with America -- but only if he
ends his tyranny. Not until Cuba proves it respects fundamental freedoms
should the U.S. stance ease further. Otherwise, the U.S. will only
strengthen the Castros' iron hand.

Same old Cuba: Tyranny pervades - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (28 November

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