Friday, November 27, 2009

33 Cubans Land at Turkey Point

33 Cubans Land at Turkey Point

Thirty-three Cuban migrants landed near the cooling canals of the Turkey
Point nuclear power plant late Thursday, Florida Power & Light officials

A group of 33 Cuban migrants arrived ashore at FPL's Turkey Point
nuclear power plant in Miami late Thursday, and then called the plant's
control room to let them know they had arrived. A South Florida power
plant is supposed to be protected by around the clock security and
apparently undetected the Thanksgiving day visitors. FPL officials
reported the incident to federal nuclear regulators, noting that the
migrants apparently arrived at some point in the day. The utility giant
notified police, who in turn called US immigration officials. FPL
officials could not confirm how the Cubans arrived at Turkey Point nor
why they were on plant property, although the plant's large cooling
towers are visible from the east coast of Homestead

27-Nov-2009 03:11pm

Poder 360° - Page One Daily News - 33 Cubans Land at Turkey Point (28
November 2009)

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