Wednesday, June 27, 2007

If Castro Believed he was Popular…

Publicado el 06-26-2007
If Castro Believed he was Popular…

If the prevailing tyranny in Cuba really provided a reasonable minimum
of well-being for its people, it would not have the immense fear that it
has regarding freedom of expression and human rights. With that
reasonable minimum of popular support the regime of Fidel Castro, which
has been in force for over forty-seven years, could afford the luxury of
allowing at least the basic freedom of expression in the print and
broadcast media. To accept this, to tolerate this, would be significant
proof that the regime feels certain about its popular support even if it
were not from a huge majority, or not even a majority. But what happens
is that the regime is afraid and although it knows that international
public opinion is against its style of government, it does not agree for
any change in favor of even a weak democratic expression, which would be
that type of tolerance for freedom of expression even if not too much.

It is absurd that there be people who say that they are not identified
with the Castro tyranny but give it its international support even
though it is a liberticidal regime. There might be some clueless or
naïve individuals who think that it is a dictatorship but not as severe
as it actually is. What abound are accomplices, those who sympathize
with the antidemocratic government in José Martí's homeland. Those who
directly or indirectly opine in favor of the Castro tyranny know what
they are doing, and try to deceive the people in and outside that
country by rejecting concepts and accusations that include the Castro
dictatorship in the list of regimes that have eliminated public freedoms
and human rights in the world.

Naturally, complicity with the Marxist-Leninist tyranny of Fidel Castro
must be assigned to an immense number of individuals who pretend to
ignore what is happening in the largest of the Antilles or, even worse,
who define the regime as democratic and purportedly nationalist in
nature. Those who do not want to see and even less denounce what the
Cuban people have been suffering for almost half a century, have no
right to consider themselves as advocates of liberty, of democracy and
of human rights.

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