Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Miami Plans to Throw Castro Death Party in Orange Bowl

Miami Plans to Throw Castro Death Party in Orange Bowl

According to Fox News, the city of Miami has long wanted to hold a
festive gathering as part of its Castro death plan.
Full story:
Tomas Regalado, the City Commissioner and a Cuban American, came up with
the idea of using the Orange Bowl as the venue for an event scheduled to
coincide with the Cuban leader's death. The site was host to President
Kennedy in 1961 when he delivered a speech promising a free Cuba. It
also served as a refugee camp for Cubans during the Mariel boatlift.

When the news came last summer of Castro's grave illness, firming up the
specifics for the "death party" became urgent. Now a committee has
formally been appointed to "Discuss an event at the Orange Bowl in case
expected events occur in Cuba."

The organizers want an uplifting theme for the event. Regalado explains
that Castro "represents everything bad that has happened to the people
of Cuba for 48 years."

"There is something to celebrate, regardless of what happens next. ...
We get rid of the guy."

The leader of the Democracy Movement organization which is based in
Miami, however, is concerned how a celebration about someone's death
would be perceived by people outside of the community of Cuban exiles.
After all, Castro's communist regime will still be there after he dies.

"Although everybody will be very happy that the dictator cannot continue
to oppress us himself, I think everybody is still very sad because there
are still prisons full of prisoners, many people executed, and families

I feel the real celebrating and rejoicing comes when the people of Cuba
are liberated from the oppressive regime.

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