Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Korean-Made Power Generators Appear on Cuban Banknotes

Korean-Made Power Generators Appear on Cuban Banknotes

Fidel Hails Revolutionary Korean Efficiency

A power generator built by a Korean company appears on new 10-peso
banknotes issued by the Central Bank of Cuba from the start of this
year. After winning a bid in 2005, Hyundai Heavy Industries has been
installing 544 package power stations, or PPS systems, in 41 areas
around Cuba. A ceremony to mark the completion of the first installation
is scheduled take place at the end of this month in the capital Havana.

The newly-designed bills feature an engraving of the container-sized
generators, along with a Spanish slogan that translates to "energy
revolution," on the reverse side of the widely-circulated 10-peso notes.

Suffering from chronic power shortages, Cuba is putting a significant
effort into developing its energy industry. The country's president
Fidel Castro last year personally inspected the installation site of one
of Hyundai's PPS facilities.

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