Monday, January 29, 2007

Cuban Marriage Process Difficult; Help Available for Canadians

Cuban Marriage Process Difficult; Help Available for Canadians

More and more Canadian are finding love in Cuba. They must go through a
lengthy and tough process to marry and bring their spouse to Canada.
Immigroup Immigration can provide assistance.

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) January 29, 2007 -- When you think about Cuba words
like cigars, warm weather, beaches come to mind; but marriage? A growing
number of Canadian vacationers are not only finding rest and relaxation
in the Caribbean island but have also ended up finding their true love.
These couples fall in love, have a long distance relationship, and end
up getting their marriage in Cuba.

In most cases, if not all, the couple will end up living in Canada. The
process for a Cuban marriage is, unfortunately, a tough and lengthy
process. The Cuban government imposes strict requirements on foreigners
if they wish to marry a Cuban citizen. Furthermore, getting a hold of
the Cuban authorities in Canada is very difficult and if you do get a
hold of the authorities, it can be quite confusing to understand all the
rules and fees. For any Canadian marrying a Cuban and wishing for their
spouse to immigrate to Canada, the process does not end there.

For a Cuban to travel abroad, it is easier said than done. The nature of
the Cuban regime makes it difficult, if not almost impossible, for
ordinary Cubans to obtain a visa to leave the country. This is why, for
any Canadian wishing to bring their partner or spouse to Canada, it is
recommended that they sponsor them for a visitor's visa or for permanent
residence if they want their spouse to live with them in Canada. For the
sponsorship process many documents must be submitted and this can
lengthy. Anyone trying to do these processes by themselves could be
overwhelmed or simply get frustrated and give up.

Is there any help? Yes, there is. Immigroup Immigration Services
( offers
Canadians (and Americans) who have met their true love in Cuba help with
this entire process. They will help you gather all the documents that
are needed, review the application process, and file the application for

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