Friday, January 26, 2007

Distressed Chinese ship was heading for Cuba

Distressed Chinese ship was heading for Cuba

HONOLULU The Coast Guard says a damaged Chinese cargo ship that's making
an unscheduled stop on Oahu was heading to Cuba among other spots in the
Caribbean before it ran into trouble.
The Tong Cheng and its 26-member crew plan to abort the rest of their
voyage and return to China for permanent repairs.

The ship's hull has a crack more than four feet long that crew members
believed was caused by a rough storm.

The Coast Guard has been helping remove water from the Tong Cheng for
several days to make the boat light enough to enter the harbor at
Barber's Point for emergency repairs.

The Coast Guard says the ship is carrying plywood, steel, diesel
engines, PCB resin, and limited amounts of ammunition on board.

Customs and Coast Guard officers say they plan to screen the cargo as a
safety precaution.

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