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Rolling Stones Ink Business Partnership With Cuba’s Castro Family

Rolling Stones Ink Business Partnership With Cuba's Castro Family
12:44 PM 03/30/2016

What? You missed that news item? Well, you probably read about it, but
under a different headline last weekend. You probably read about a
"Historic!" — even an "Epochal!" — Rolling Stones concert in Havana
Friday night. The hyperventilating "reporters" probably followed up by
mentioning "historic changes!" and "reforms!" in Cuba, as proven by the
very concert.

In fact, the only "historic changes!" in Cuba — as recognized by the
tiny number of people who actually study this issue — involve the source
of the cash-flow into the Castro-Family-Crime-Syndicate (euphemized as
"Cuba" by the media and U.S. State Dept).

When that cash flowed from the Soviet Union rock music was a potentially
disruptive foreign influence that elicited no tolerance from the
Stalinist authorities. In fact, these authorities felt obliged to round
up and jail Cuban rock fans en-masse. Last week –– for the first time in
history — this fascinating datum was widely reported by the mainstream

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Prior to last week, this tragic disconnect was not something Cuba's
Stalinist authorities were very keen to publicize. After all, it exposed
Che T-shirt wearers as useful idiots. For some reason, all the
"reporters" who (after thorough vetting by Castro's secret police) were
granted "journalist" visas by the Castro regime were likewise
unenthusiastic – and for several decades — about exposing this
fascinating datum.

Chances are that the Bernie Sanders supporter would suddenly find a way
to extol the virtues of his father and forget all the horrible things he
said about him while eagerly agreeing with his mother when he
encountered her while raiding the refrigerator or asking for her car
keys. Don't you think? Alas, the son's sloth and stupidity would
probably remain unchanged.

Well, think of the Castro regime as that Bernie Sanders supporter. Back
in the early 1990's his mother (Russia) finally tired of the arrangement
and booted him into the street, so to speak.

So now Cuba lives with his father (tourism), while retaining essentially
all of his disgusting habits. Living with this new provider requires
that Cuba slightly change his "tune" – and slightly modify his behavior
— but really nothing major, nothing of substance. "What's a little
lip-service," the Sanders supporter snickers, "in exchange for room,
board and my uninterrupted Wi-Fi?"

In brief, the Castro regime briefly "hooked-up" with the Rolling Stones
for the simple expedient of filling its coffers with millions more in
tourist money. In the meantime, Castro's subjects – while allowed to
boogie a bit — essentially remain the impoverished and oppressed
subjects of a totalitarian regime.

Indeed, repression against Cubans has actually cranked-up steadily in
direct proportion to the Stalinist regime's enrichment via tourism,
especially owing to president Obama's policies that have recently
swamped Cuba with over half a million visitors last year from the U.S.
and contributed an estimated $5.6 billion in remittances and travel
expenditures to the Castro regime's coffers. As a direct result,
desperate Cubans are risking their lives to flee Cuba at a rate unseen
in decades.

Almost exactly a year ago, your humble servant went on John Stossel's
show to debate two libertarians (with half my brain tied behind my back)
who giddily supported Obama's Cuba "opening." They giddily predicted
wonderful things for Cubans. I predicted this very outcome.

This very Easter weekend, for instance, while the mainstream media
dutifully promoted the Rolling Stones concert (i.e. Castro-regime/
Rolling Stones business partnership) Cuban dissidents suffered a wave of
arrests and beatings. Needless to add, this repression was dutifully
ignored by the mainstream media.

But don't take all this stuff from me. After all, I don't live in Cuba.
Take it from 25 year-old Cuban dissident Rosa Maria Paya, whose father
was murdered by the Stalinist regime's KGB-trained secret police three
years ago: "They [the Rolling Stones] should be aware that their
performance is being used by a totalitarian regime as a symbol of an
opening that isn't really taking place."

You see, amigos: Cuba's entire economic infrastructure is owned almost
lock stock and barrel — not only by the Stalinist regime's military and
secret police sectors (the only people in Cuba with guns, in case you'd
forgotten) — but more specifically by the Castro family itself. In a
presentation a few years ago at a hearing by the House Foreign Affairs
Committee debating travel to Cuba by U.S. citizens, Lieutenant Colonel
Christopher Simmons, a recently retired Defense Intelligence Agency Cuba
specialist, explained the issue in detail. He showed how through a
corporation named GAESA, Raul Castro's military owns virtually every
corporation involved in Cuba's tourism industry, among the Stalinist
regime's top money-makers lately.

And as GAESA's chief executive officer we find none other than Raul
Castro's very son in law Maj. Luis Alberto Rodriguez Lopez-Callejas.

So when it comes to news from Cuba, amigos — please keep your eye on the
ball: income and power for the Castro family crime syndicate. Submit
everything you read and hear from the media about Cuba to that
test: will it further enrich and empower the Castro-Family-Crime
-Syndicate, while keeping the bulk of the Cuban people poor, stupid,
powerless and distracted? Do this and everything in Cuba will make
perfect sense.

Source: Rolling Stones Ink Business Partnership With Cuba's Castro
Family | The Daily Caller -

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