Friday, June 30, 2006

Prison inmate insulted by X-ray tech

Prison inmate insulted by X-ray tech

MORON, Cuba - June 22 (Antonio Femenías, Agencia Patria / - "We have to kill them all," said an X-ray technician
at the North polyclinic in Moron when she realized her patient was a
political prisoner brought in from the nearby prison.

When the prisoner, Pablo Pacheco, retorted that he was for a dialogue
among all Cubans and couldn't condone the shootings [the method of
execution used in Cuba], the woman explained she meant hanging, as she
saw no point in wasting lead with those not in agreement with the

Pacheco, who had been taken to the polyclinic for an X-ray on his
injured knee, said the woman's behavior bothered his guards, who told
her she had no right to insult the patient.

Pacheco is serving a 20-year sentence imposed in March, 2003 for his
activities as an independent journalist.

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