Friday, June 30, 2006

Price of bus tickets up

Price of bus tickets up

HAVANA, Cuba - June 22 (Abel Escobar Ramírez / -
"Tickets are 132 pesos," said the announcer at Havana's bus terminal
after announcing the departure of a bus to Santiago de Cuba June 13.

"That's thievery," said a woman who said she was traveling to Camaguey
province. " I came to Havana for a medical visit and left home with 65
pesos. I was able to afford the visit by stayin with family, but I have
to come back next month, and if fares go up. I won't be a ble to afford it."

Others made similar comments. Two elderly residents of Las Tunas said
fares from their home in Amancio Rodriguez municipality had already gone
up from a previous two pesos and something to 23 pesos.

A sailor from Holguin province said the same applied to him. The
government has raised salaries recently, but nowhere near enough to
compensate for the increases in prices, many here complain.

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