Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wagon Pars targets €25m exports to Cuba, China

Wagon Pars targets €25m exports to Cuba, China
Tehran Times Economic Desk

TEHRAN – Iran's Wagon Pars Company has planned to export €25 million
worth of wagons to Cuba and China by the end of the current Iranian year
(March 20, 2009), the company managing director Gholamreza Razzazi said
here on Monday.

The company's exports to Cuba and China reached €19 million last
(Iranian) year, he said. This is while in the first half of the current
year, the exports hit a high of €16 million, he added.

The company has so far exported 1500 cargo wagons to Syria, Sudan, Cuba,
67 passenger wagons to Bangladesh, and 160 passenger wagon bogies to
China, Razzazi noted, Iscanews news agency reported.

He boasted that the company's products compete with those of China,
Russia, Ukraine and other target markets.

The Wagon Pars Company has the capacity to produce 80 percent of the
country's required cargo wagons and 70 percent of passenger wagons, he added

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