Friday, December 27, 2013

Cuba Liberalizes the Motorcycle Market

Cuba Liberalizes the Motorcycle Market

It's the wind of change blowing again in Cuba, as the Cuban lawmakers
have abolished the 1959 law which forbade citizens to freely buy
motorcycles or cars. The law required that the potential buyers first
got a permit for state authorities and only then could go for whatever
was available.

That is, bikes registered on the island in the 50's before the
revolution, the very rare imports from the USSR or the even harder to
find Batista-era Harley-Davidson bikes.

2014 will see more normal commercial regulations which allow the import
for both motorcycles and cars, as the ban had worked for cars, too.
However, due to the poor Cuban population, it is expected that the
"boom" will not be as spectacular as some might believe.

Most likely it's going to be cheap Asian-made small-displacement
motorcycles and scooters which will dominate the sales. The low
purchasing power of the Cuban customers will make the development of
this new market quite slow, marketing experts say.

However, things are moving the right way, and this is good news for 2014.

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