Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dissident denied unused land

Dissident denied unused land

HAVANA, Cuba, Oct. 29 (Ángel Luis Bernabé, Isla Press /
– The request of dissident Carlos Manuel Pupo for 3.5 hectares (8.75
acres) of unused farmland has been rejected by the government. Pupo, who
has worked in food production in the municipality of San Antonio de los
Baños in Havana province for the past 20 years, made the request last
year. He said he was recently told, "There's no land for you." The
government has been accepting requests for unused, unproductive land.
Pupo is an organizer for the dissident Union for a Free Cuba.

Dissident denied unused land - Cuba Dissidents - (29
October 2009)

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