Monday, May 29, 2006

Cuba to host International Congress on Sugar

Cuba to host International Congress on Sugar
May, 25 - 2:38 PM

HAVANA.– The 14th International Congress on Sugar and its By-products,
"Diversificacion 2006," will be held in Havana June 19-22, with debates
on the current situation in the sector.

The event will include a workshop on the uses of sugar cane´s ethanol,
with analysis on prospects of that product, which has been increasingly
used as motor fuel.

Experts from Cuba, Brazil and other countries will attend the workshop,
and debate the ethanol world market and current technology used in its

Diversification 2006 will session at the Habana Libre Tryp Hotel, and is
sponsored by the Cuban Sugar Ministry, the National Sugar Cane Research
Institute (ICIDCA), and the World Sugar Organization, among others.

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