Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Communist Chinese Army in Cuba and the Coming Cyber War

Someone Is Listening
The Communist Chinese Army in Cuba and the Coming Cyber War
by Toby Westerman

The Peoples Liberation Army of Communist China is listening to American
telecommunications transmissions - phone, satellite, and other methods -
for the base it controls in Cuba. Even more alarming, the Chinese
listening post is only one part of a larger asymmetrical, cyber war now
being waged against the United States, according to a well-informed source.

PLA Listening Base in Bejucal, Cuba

The attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 signaled the beginning of a long-planned
guerrilla war against America, with the object of bringing the U.S. "to
its knees," according to Dr. Manuel Cereijo, an expert in electronic
warfare, in a recently published article in the predominately Spanish
language site, La Nueva Cuba.

China's spy base in Bejucal, Cuba was constructed between 1994 and 1997.
The sophisticated listening post was built by the "new" Russia of Boris
Yeltsin at a cost of some $800 million. During the construction of the
state-of-the-art signals intelligence post, Yeltsin proclaimed his
unswerving commitment to democracy and the free market, and his
friendship with the United States.

Cuba is doing more than simply playing host to Russian construction
workers, or Chinese military personnel. Despite the media image of Cuba
as either a decaying communist regime or a great tourist destination,
Havana devotes millions of dollars to its world-class espionage service
and the operation of a large and highly sophisticated cyber warfare
training school.

The events of 9-11 were only the first blows in a guerrilla war against
the United States, Cereijo asserts. Cuba has already staged a limited
cyber attack against the U.S. in 2003, and continues to work closely
with Iranian scientists to bring "America to its knees," Cereijo states.

Cuba not only embraces the Islamic Republic of Iran, but the United
States government has also recently declared that Cuba enjoys close ties
with international terror groups.

Several groups using radiological, nuclear, biological, or chemical
weapons in concert with a major cyber attack would probably start the
next major assault against the U.S., Cereijo speculates.

The Cuban dictatorship has lost none of its hatred of the U.S., nor of
its political and economic system. Havana's communist dictatorship has
spawned two closely connected offspring, one in Venezuela, one in
Bolivia. Called "leftist" by the media, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Evo
Morales of Bolivia share Cuban dictator Fidel Castro's dream of a
continent-wide communist empire - and the destruction of the United States.

The U.S. public is justifiably concerned over the government's delay and
disorganization in controlling the nation's borders. The public should
be outraged over the lack of information and analysis concerning threats
to the U.S. coming from countries south of our borders. We must control
entry into our nation, or we will soon find that we are in a life and
death struggle within our own country.

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