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Terror Disguised as Popularity in Cuba

Publicado el 12-29-2008
Terror Disguised as Popularity in Cuba

Not enough will be said about this half century of totalitarian
Marxist-Leninist tyranny entrenched in Cuba by Fidel Castro to be able
to analyze the different aspects of this liberticidal regime that ended
the democratic life of what used to be the Republic of Cuba. And, it was
a republic in spite of episodes that were not in line, from an
institutional point of view, with what republican life should be.
However, with defects and disruptions, that republic functioned.

Basically, it can be said that all human rights were banished in Cuba,
because the regime installed on January 1st, 1959, had absolute
ramifications in the social, economic and political life of the nation.
It even went into the field of religious freedom. Thus, it is not
exaggerated to say that all human rights have been violated there by the
power of the totalitarian revolution.

It must be repeated, that there were some who expressed their
disagreement with the fledging tyranny as soon as the executions by
firing squad began applying retroactive laws, as well as the
confiscation of private property, and mass incarcerations, and the
annihilation of freedom of expression. However, because of the
prevailing circumstances, that opposition – small in numbers- could have
no results because the panic with respect to expressing opinions against
the regime did not allow many to say out loud what they expressed in a
low voice. And thus, because of this terror disguised as absolute
popularity, it was impossible for any opinion against the regime to
prosper and become significant.

Perhaps it might come as a surprise to many to hear or read opinions
about this harsh reality of silence imposed by terror. Certainly, there
were huge popular demonstrations in favor of the tyranny, totally
manipulated by the regime, mobilizing people from all over the country
to fill the public squares in Havana. There was one exception, which was
a formidable National Catholic Congress in Havana in November 1959, that
undeniably had implications of Christian morality contrary to the
budding tyranny. In a public rally at the Civic Center to welcome the
statue of Our Lady of Charity, with an estimated attendance of half a
million, there were cries of "Cuba, yes, communism, no." The regime
intensified its religious persecution which climaxed with the expulsion
of hundreds of Cuban and foreign priests in 1960.

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