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More Than Half a Century of Tragedy in Cuba

Publicado el 12-30-2009
More Than Half a Century of Tragedy in Cuba

January 1st, 2010 marks the fifty-first anniversary of the enslavement
of the Cuban people by the totalitarian Marxist-Leninist tyranny of
Fidel Castro, and in the last two years of a two-headed tyranny with the
incorporation of General Raúl Castro as head of state. To review in
detail the history of these fifty-one years is to revive terrible
memories of what the suffering of the noble Cuban people has been with
its execution walls, its prisons full of persecuted citizens, religious
persecution and with the plundering of banks and privates homes in total
violation of private property.

It is inconceivable, painfully inconceivable, that during the year that
is about to end democratically elected rulers of the Western Hemisphere
visited Havana to pay homage to the decrepit and ailing tyrant. Without
any qualms whatsoever, these rulers, male and female alike, arrived to
burn incense at the feet of the tyrant, taking their pictures with him
and expressing their feelings of admiration, respect and solidarity,
although not necessarily all of them might have used the same words.
But, undoubtedly, these concepts are implied in this shameful behavior
to pay homage to the one who is a determining factor, the only one, in
the enslavement of a sister nation that has been oppressed by a fierce
tyranny for more than half a century. These tributes included
decorations or gestures of "political tenderness" as was the case of the
now deposed President Zelaya who came to see Castro and placed the hat
that he usually wears on the head of the tyrant as a sign of exceptional
identification with him.

The attitude of these rulers implies their close ties with a regime that
is cruelly anti-democratic, which is more than anti-democratic. And,
nevertheless, they dare to challenge the will of the majority of the
people of Honduras "disqualifying" the democratic and constitutional
performance of the government that substituted Zelaya in compliance with
the country's Constitution.

What the Cuban people have suffered is perhaps incalculable in many
aspects. And to make things worse during this more than half-a-century
prominent Cuban figures have died, thus no longer being able to offer
verbal testimony – there are many in writing – of what their homeland
has suffered.

Diario Las Americas - More Than Half a Century of Tragedy in Cuba (30
December 2009)

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