Saturday, April 29, 2006

Womens organization denounces violence against women

Women's organization denounces violence against women

SANTIAGO DE CUBA, Cuba - April 26 (Virgilio Delat, APLO / - Sixteen women were murdered and 20 others were left
wounded in 2005 alone in the municipality of Palma Soriano, a
not-particularly-populous municipality in eastern Cuba, according to a
recent report by the Latin American Federation of Rural Women (FLAMUR).

The report condemns the murders, which are not exclusive to any one
area, but are widespread through the island and have been on the
increase these last few years.

The report focuses on a case it calls typical, that of 21-year-old
Lisbet Matos, who was murdered September 10, 2005 by Yorlandis Torres.
Torres stabbed Matos 27 times, according to the forensic report, and
wounded her son Ronald and her grandmother Isabel Hernández in the
fracas. On April 7, Torres was sentenced to 27 years in prison, and
would be eligible for release after serving half his sentence.

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