Friday, April 28, 2006

A Resolution Designating April 25 2006 as Free Cuba Day in Florida

House Resolution: A Resolution Designating April 25, 2006, as "Free Cuba
Day" in Florida.


WHEREAS, for more than four decades, Cuba's communist dictatorship has
denied the Cuban people such basic civil liberties as freedom of speech
and religion and has been condemned repeatedly by the United Nations for
human rights abuses and denounced again and again by international human
rights organizations for the persecution of peaceful dissidents and
political prisoners, and

WHEREAS, having declared unequivocal hostility and enmity toward the
United States and its free, democratic way of life, the Cuban government
is harboring fugitives from United States justice, is attempting to
develop biochemical weaponry, and has been designated by the United
States Department of State as an official state sponsor of terrorism, and

WHEREAS, the people of Cuba, oppressed for 47 years by the nation's
terrorist, communistic regime, have struggled to achieve freedom and
democracy under the courageous leadership of opposition members and
human rights activists on the island, bolstered by the vigorous support
of the Cuban-American exile community, while the present dictatorship
steadfastly refuses to allow free, fair, open elections in the Cuban
citizens' effort toward self-determination, and

WHEREAS, Florida, home to over one million Cuban-American exiles who
have contributed positively to the social, political, and economic
well-being of the state, maintains stronger historical and cultural
links to Cuba than any other state in our nation and harbors only good
will toward the people of Cuba in their aspirations to achieve liberty
and a freely elected government in which they, their families, and their
future generations may live in peace and prosperity in a free and open
society, NOW, THEREFORE,

Be It Resolved by the House of Representatives of the State of Florida:

That the House of Representatives recognizes the courageous quest for
freedom by the dauntless opposition leaders inside Cuba, expresses its
solidarity with Cuba's freedom-seeking people, and, as an expression of
its desire that Cuba rejoin the community of free and democratic
nations, designates April 25, 2006, as "Free Cuba Day" in Florida.

Given to Net for Cuba International by The Domino Network, Inc.
The author of the Cuba Day Resolution was State Representative David Rivera

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