Sunday, February 26, 2006

Dissident released from jail after seven months

Dissident released from jail after seven months

HAVANA, February 22 (Roberto Santana Rodríguez / -
Camilo Cairo Falcón, one of several pacifists detained by Cuban
authorities July 13, 2005, was released last week.

Cairo Falcón, 34, had been held at the prison ward of the Carlos J.
Finlay military hospital, where he recovered from injuries sustained
when he was arrested by members of the government's Rapid Response Brigades.

Cairo Falcón he had been beaten and kicked by Hassan Pérez Casabona,
second secretary of the Union of Young Communists, who participated in
the arrests. He suffered several broken ribs and a loss of hearing.

He is a member of the Pro Human Rights party.

He said when he was told to gather his clothes he thought he was being
transferred to another prison. But instead he was taken home.

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