Wednesday, March 30, 2011

India to expand IT cooperation with Cuba

India to expand IT cooperation with Cuba

Cuban IT consulting firm Avante signed a memorandum of understanding
with India's Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council
(ESC) at the Indiasoft 2011 fair in Maharashtra state, Cuba's foreign
ministry announced in a press release.

The two state entities agreed to "promote information exchanges,
business opportunities, and the participation of businesspeople on both
sides in exhibitions, seminars and workshops," according to an Avante
official quoted by the press release.

No further details were immediately available.

In 2009, Cuba's Ministry of Information and Communication signed an
agreement with India's Ministry of Communications & Information
Technology in Havana for cooperation in computer science and
communications. The agreement includes a program to train up to 400
Cuban computer science and communications professionals with Indian
experts; professors of India's National Institute of Technology (NIIT)
have been teaching courses in Cuba for development of mobile
applications (J2ME), administration of Linux and Windows servers, and
architecture associated to J2EE and MDA. The agreement also provides for
technology transfer and exchange among institutions in both countries.

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