Monday, October 13, 2008

Normalization of relations between the EU and Cuba

Normalization of relations between the EU and Cuba

CD News - 13.10.2008. The Ministers of Exterior of the European Union
will discuss tomorrow the suspension of the diplomatic sanctions against
Cuba that have been in force since June 2003. This decision will take
place after seven months of negotiations lead by the initiative of the
Government of Spain, which since the summer has been defending the need
to restore the contract with the Cuban authorities.

The sanctions were approved after a series of detentions of political
dissidents on the island, and consist of limiting governmental
high-level visits of bilateral characters, reducing the importance EU
countries' participation in the cultural manifestations, and inviting
Cuban dissidents to the ceremonies organized on the occasion of national

The Council of the EU "is ready to support a constructive dialogue with
the Cuban authorities in order to achieve tangible results in areas
relating to political and economic cooperation as well as human rights
". These measures come at a moment when the revision of diplomatic
relations with Cuba is also being discussed in the US Senate.

If the EU approves the normalization of relations, it will be a great
step forward and create the incentive for other countries to consider
it, and then act accordingly.,1078,0,0,1,0

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