Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mexico, Cuba agree on repatriation rules

Mexico, Cuba agree on repatriation rules

After almost seven months of negotiations, Cuba and Mexico have reached
agreement on the disposition of detained migrants, Mexico's ambassador
to Cuba announced Jimenez2 Friday in Havana. Ambassador Gabriel Jiménez
gave no details, explaining that the accord "is still not a public
document," but said it contains "concrete" mechanisms for the
repatriation of Cuban migrants detained in Mexico. Initially, Havana was
willing to accept only those emigrants who were intercepted at sea, but
appears to have been convinced by Mexico to take back Cubans who entered
Mexico through third countries, such as Guatemala or Belize. Roque2_2
The accord also provides for an exchange of information between Cuba and
Mexico about the organized smuggling of Cubans by traffickers in the
United States, mostly from Florida. Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Pérez
Roque is expected to sign the accord when he visits Mexico City, Oct.
19-21; his Mexican counterpart, Patricia Espinosa, will sign for her
---Renato Pérez Pizarro.

October 10, 2008

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