Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cuba limiting purchases at food markets

Cuba limiting purchases at food markets
From the Associated Press
October 11, 2008

HAVANA -- Cuba is limiting the quantity of basic fruits and vegetables
people can buy at farmers markets, irritating some customers but
ensuring there is enough to go around.

Cubans who initially worried about getting enough to eat now seem
confident they won't go hungry, despite the destruction of 30% of the
island's crops last month by hurricanes Gustav and Ike. However, there
are long lines and food is not plentiful.

The government is delivering all items distributed each month through
the universal ration that provides Cubans with up to two weeks' worth of
food, including eggs, beans, rice and potatoes. Extra food has been
added in some hard-hit provinces.

But the food available at farmers markets has dwindled, prompting the
government to limit purchases and cap prices.,0,1874177.story

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