Sunday, July 29, 2007

Cuba has two health systems

Letter: Cuba has two health systems
Published on Saturday, July 28, 2007

Dear Sir:

Erroll EL Warner of St Kitts seems to think we should be giving respect
to Cuba because of its health system. However, what his letter does not
mention is that Cuba has two health systems. One for its elite (which it
shows off for propaganda purposes) and one for the masses.

Daily, they have to bring their bedclothes and utensils to run-down
hospitals for treatment. The masses in Cuba have to wait months for any
treatment other than a routine physical. The elite like Castro have
access to superior medical facilities.

Daily, the masses there have to wait for rationed food that does not
materialise in some cases. Daily, they have to choose the one system,
one set of rulers and be subject to political indignities. They cannot
freely assemble, write and publish whatever is their opinion.

It reminds me of the hypocrisy that was sold to me 30 years ago in
Grenada. Look at how that hypocritical system ended.

John North
St Patricks, Grenada

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