Monday, July 31, 2006

Wife says imprisoned husband fears for his life

Wife says imprisoned husband fears for his life

CIEGO DE AVILA, Cuba, July 3 (Luis Esteban Espinosa, Jóvenes sin Censura
/ - The wife of political prisoner José Luis García
Paneque, one of the 75 dissidents arrested in 2002, says her husband is
in danger of being killed by common criminals.

Yamilé Llanes, a lawyer, told the Cuban Human Rights Foundation that her
husband fears falling asleep because that's when he might be attacked by
common prisoners acting on behalf of State Security. She said he has
been attacked and beaten many times by such prisoners.

Lannes said her husband enjoyed good health when he first imprisoned by
has since lost 80 pounds.

García Paneque is serving a 24-year sentence at Las Mangas Prison in
Granma province.

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