Saturday, July 29, 2006

Man arrested had anti-Castro tattoo

Man arrested had anti-Castro tattoo

HAVANA, Cuba - July 20 (Juan Carlos Linares / - Ángel
Enrique Fernández, 41, was arrested July 9, after an Interior Ministry
official noticed a tattoo on his arm that reads: Down with Fidel. Murderer.

Fernández's girlfriend said they had gone into a cafeteria after a day
at the beach, when a young man who identified himself as an Interior
Ministry official, called for a police car and had him arrested.

During a subsequent visit, Fernández told her that he had been taken to
State Security headquarters and later to the Miramar police station.

He said originally authorities had wanted to charge him with disrespect
to the Commander in Chief, but that he is being charged only with

Fernández has been in jail since his arrest.

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