Saturday, July 29, 2006

Dissidents warned to lie low during anniversary

Dissidents warned to lie low during anniversary

HOLGUIN, Cuba - July 24 (Liannis Meriño Aguilera, Jóvenes sin Censura / - Dissidents in Bayamo, in the eastern Cuban province
of Granma, report they have been warned by State Security officials they
would be jailed "immediately" for any activities carried out during the
official celebration of the anniversary of Castro's revolution July 26.

Francisco Juan Reyes, a labor activist, and Gabriel Díaz, member of a
youth organization, said they and other anti-government activists had
been visited at home by State Security captain Julio César Sánchez, who
warned them that any activity or even the apparition of anti-government
graffiti during the festivities would result in their being
automatically apprehended.

This year, Bayamo has been selected to be the official site of the
celebration, with the possible appearance of Castro himself.

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