Friday, March 24, 2006

Fidel Castro pays tribute to Kadhafi

Fidel Castro pays tribute to Kadhafi

Tripoli, Libya, 03/22 - Cuban President Fidel Castro has expressed
profound admiration for the vision and role of Libyan leader Moammar
Kadhafi in the handling of global issues, noting that Cuba would be
honoured to welcome him at the Non-Aligned Movement conference in Havana
next September, official sources said here Tuesday.

Speaking in Havana during a meeting with a special envoy of the Libyan
leader, Castro noted that the participation of Kadhafi in the
non-aligned countries conference will honour Cubans and constitute a
decisive moment as the Movement taps into the great experience and
wisdom of the Guide of the Libyan Revolution.

"We are certain that the analyses and perceptive ideas of Kadhafi will
enrich this international meeting," he added.

President Castro asked the Libyan envoy to convey his greetings and
consideration of high esteem to Kadhafi, according to official Libyan

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