Monday, January 30, 2017

With Feet on the Ground

With Feet on the Ground / Fernando Dámaso

Fernando Damaso, 5 January 2017 — In the face of the new scenario
created by the death of the "historic leader," many representatives from
the fragmented Cuban dissidence see a chance that the authorities,
looking at a very complicated situation, will invite them to dialog, in
search of a exit concept.

I am not optimistic about this, because for it to happen the dissidence
must, first, create a unity it does not possess, achieve recognition and
credibility among the citizenry, and present a comprehensible, concrete
and viable project, that attracts majorities, all of which needs time.

Right now, the Cuban dissidence is better known outside the country than
within it, because some of its members have dedicated themselves to
"political tourism," rather than work among the people, trying to
attract adherents to their cause. This reality, in addition to the
fragmentation already mentioned, makes it such that the authorities
don't need them to realize economic, political and social changes.

Rather than seek a currently impossible dialog, the first task should be
to achieve unity in everything shared, and set aside what separates
them, dedicating themselves to working with the citizens to make
themselves known and gain credibility, and for be part of a project of
national solutions, that involves everyone without distinctions,
including the authorities.

The problems of Cuba are so immense and complex that they need everyone
working together, without exceptions, to resolve them.

Starting with the ability of Cubans to set aside fifty-seven years of
dogma and confrontations, and putting their feet on the ground,
abandoning the absurd idea that someone from outside will come to
resolve things, and that success or failure will depend on him.

Translated by TFW

Source: With Feet on the Ground / Fernando Dámaso – Translating Cuba -

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