Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cuba after Castro

Cuba after Castro
Roberto Carlos Alvarez-galloso, 29 November 2007, Thursday
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While people are wandering what will happen to Cuba after Castro, it
must be remembered that the Republican/Democratic elite played an
important role in Castro's government. The true terrorists are
Communists and Republicans/Democrats.

FOR CUBA to be a free and prosperous country, it will take the attitude
of Cubans in Cuba and outside Cuba. The people of Cuba have been victims
of the ego and crimes of one man for nearly 50 years. They, of course,
chose this way as well. They allowed themselves to be manipulated by a
man who is a puppet of Russia (and USSR before that) and the Republicans
and Democrats.

For Cuba to be free, this cardinal truth must be revealed. The USA and
USSR were looking for more territory to use for their Cold War. The USSR
(now Russia) was looking for a beachhead and the USA was looking for
cheap professional labour, since there was a shortage of professionals
and workers. After all, the white Anglo-Saxons and their elite called
Republicans and Democrats did not want to do the work of recently
emancipated African Americans and other groups they decimated.

Fidel Castro fit the bill perfectly, including for those who harboured
hatred and resentment. The rest is history. Churches were destroyed,
lives were destroyed by the firing squad, prison, torture, exile, wars
in Africa (supposedly to maintain Communist regimes in Africa but in
reality to keep an eye on the interests of the oil companies and Wall
Street), wars in Latin America. What else happened? The Mariel Boat lift
was filled with convicts and delinquents by orders of Castro and Carter
to make the Cuban community look bad.

Who could forget how in 1967, Los Pacificos (The Peacemakers) were
arrested for doing a rock concert in Cuba? They received justice with
the John Lennon Peace Award but it was too late.

The worst that happened was that Castro, with the support of his people
(and the United States authorities) destroyed the soul of a nation
probably for good. What Castro did was also to destroy the soul of the
American continent. There is now ethnic, racial, and class hatred on an
unseen scale and could place the American continent (including Cuba, the
USA, and Venezuela) at the same level as Europe was during World War II.

Personally, I do not think I will visit Cuba either now or in the
future. Castro, the Republicans, and Democrats destroyed such concepts.
I hope that when Castro dies, he takes with him all of the demagogues
such as Ortega (Nicaragua), Chavez (Venezuela), Morales (Bolivia), and
the Republican/Democrat elite in the USA. The Communists (Chavez,
Ortega, Castro, Morales) and the Republicans/Democrats are the true
terrorists of the world.

In closing, I tell the Republicans and Democrats that I want to see them
accompanying the Communists on their way to the dustbin of history.
Wayne Smith (one of the ex chiefs of the Cuban interest sections) heard
my comments during an interview with the BBC (the BBC had an open air
forum) and he stated: "Get this independent off the air." It seems as
though the old fashioned Cold War vestige could not tolerate a little

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