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Why Did Christian Louboutin Design Cuba’s Olympic Uniforms?

Why Did Christian Louboutin Design Cuba's Olympic Uniforms?
08/04/2016 11:23 am ET
Astrid Faguer
Fashion journalist, stylist

Luxury French shoe designer Christian Louboutin is ditching the red
carpet for Rio de Janeiro — at least for the next few weeks. The Cuban
team will be wearing clothes designed by Christian Louboutin to the Rio

Louboutin has three stores in Brazil — one in Brasilia and two in Sao
Paolo, in the heart of Iguatemi shopping center, which is sort of like a
Brazilian Bloomingdale's for the country's luxury aficionados.

Luxury giants have been popping up in Brazil's upscale shopping centers
in recent years, to the delight of the country's elite.

The French shoe designer is one of about 50 major fashion houses in the
country. Others include Louis Vuitton, Cartier and the French leather
goods company Longchamp. They're unstoppable.

But this year, Louboutin is coming to Rio as the official garment
designer for the Cuban team.

The designer is abandoning his usual studded loafers, vertiginous
sandals, and red soles, and taking on ready-to-wear with a mission to
dress the Cuban athletes in style this summer.

If Brazil seems to be fertile ground for the shoe designer and other
European brands, the choice of Cuba remains far afield. You don't need
to go to Louboutin's website to know that he doesn't sell his famous
stilettos in Havana.

Those who have visited Cuba — the land of Fidel and Raul Castro — know
that the country is mostly populated with small-scale souvenir shops,
and hardly any of them sell imported products.

Christian Louboutin's website will show you — via a very sophisticated
map — that the nearest shop is 537 kilometers from Cuba. Translation: If
you want shoes, you have to go to Miami.

But anyway, the reason why the prolific, legendary shoemaker is taking
on this project with the Cuban Olympic team is simply because he's
enthusiastic about it. It's not because he's concerned with drumming up
more business. The ultimate proof: His Olympic items will not be offered
for sale, either online or in retail stores.

In preparation for this collection, Louboutin worked closely with his
friend Henry Tai, former international handball player and founder of
e-concept store The pair came up with the idea for the
project during a photoshoot on the Cuban coast. Louboutin brings his
expertise in fashion and Henri brings his knowledge of the professional
world of sports. The results: A custom-made wardrobe for an entire
delegation of over 100 athletes, imagined for formal events.

The collection features scarlet jackets for men and sandy tones for
women, calfskin sneakers for men and low-heeled sandals for women. These
items are complemented by an array of shorts, skirts and capris, carried
out in a chic and sober way.

Far from the standard ultra slim sizes, the gala outfits were envisioned
for the dream-like bodies of athletes — bodies freed from stereotypes.

It's a project at the crossroads, where Cuba joins Rio in the most
elegant and authentic way.

The collection is evidence that latin charm continues to dream, and
that, in full Olympic swing, it would be wrong to deny it.

This post first appeared on HuffPost France. It has been translated into
English and edited for clarity.

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