Thursday, August 04, 2016

"Heavyweight" Words

"Heavyweight" Words / Fernando Dámaso

Fernando Damaso, 1 August 2016 — "Never, forever, eternal, unchanging,
unchangeable, untouchable, irrevocable," and others of the same style
are common words in the totalitarian lexicon. If we look at the speeches
and public and private interventions of their principal historic and
current representatives, we find these words everywhere.

Incapable of understanding society in a state of constant change and
development they aspire to freeze it in the narrow framework of their
schematic thinking, assuming that everything they do is good and should
be maintained eternally, independent of the rise of new generations and,
therefore, new ideas.

These conceptions of their supposed "eternal" character, on installing
themselves in power, have caused and continue to cause great misfortune
for humanity.

Without reaching too far into the past, we remember Lenin's Bolshevism
in Russia, the fascism of Mussolini in Italy, Hitler's Nazism in
Germany, the "communism" of Stalin in the Soviet Union, the aberrations
of Mao Tse Tung in China and Pol Pot in Cambodia, the Franco regime in
Spain, Peronism in Argentina, Trujillismo in the Dominican Republic,
Castroism in Cuba, Chavez in Venezuela, the Islamic States' Islam and
many other similar monstrosities.

To repeat them today, in the 21st century, only means that there are
still those who do not learn the lessons of history, and assume that
their deeds will remain even after the termination of their physical
days, not realizing that, like they themselves, their deeds will become

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