Thursday, December 31, 2015

Russia pursuing aviation projects with Cuba

Russia pursuing aviation projects with Cuba
December 30, 2015 INTERFAX

Havana and Caracas are becoming reliable economic and
military-technological partners for Moscow, Russian Deputy Prime
Minister Dmitry Rogozin said.

"We are developing aviation projects with Cuba, and we have extended a
loan to them for creating their own power generation industry. We have
trusting relations in the military-technological field," Rogozin said in
an interview with the Rossiya-24 (VGTRK) news TV channel on Dec. 30 30.

Cuba is "a credible and pragmatic partner" for Russia, Rogozin said. "It
will be rising," he said.

"We have major contracts with Venezuela, despite the problems that the
country is experiencing as a major oil exporter," he said.

"The main goal [for Russia] was not to drop through this year, when we
have had these sanctions heaped on us, I mean the artificial, absolutely
brazen and unlawful restrictions of our abilities to buy what we need
for our development and sell what we have as a good product," Rogozin said.

"Despite these sanctions, we have maintained a high level of
military-technological cooperation and made good money for our budget,"
he said.

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