Friday, July 25, 2008

EC medical student found dead in Cuba

EC medical student found dead in Cuba


Health Reporter

A 22-YEAR-OLD medical student from Cala in the Transkei has died while
studying for a medical degree in Cuba.

The student, one of 25 who left South Africa last September to become
doctors, was found dead in a river near the Sagua, eastern Cuba
residence where he lived. His body was partly decomposed.

Refusing to release his name, provincial health spokesperson Siyanda
Manana said the first year student had been separated from the rest of
the group on Friday last week while out of school on a trip to the town.

"When he failed to return on Saturday morning the police were notified.
A search took place and he was found lying in a stream on Sunday
morning," Manana said.

According to Manana, an investigation to establish the cause of death
was being conducted. He said there were no visible marks on the body to
suggest the student had been strangled.

The police, a department official said, suspected he had fallen into the
river and drowned and they were looking at the possibility that he had
been drunk at the time.

The department had been informed of the death early on Monday morning,
after which a team was dispatched to inform the student's family in Cala.

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