Friday, July 25, 2008

Air rage incident diverts London to Cuba flight

Friday 25th of July 2008
Air rage incident diverts London to Cuba flight
Posted on: July 24th, 2008 by Doug Smith

Yet another incident of air rage has forced the pilot and crew of a
commercial aircraft to divert their flight in order to guarantee the
safety of all those on board. Dean Lyons, a 29 year old man, was
ultimately arrested at London's Gatwick Airport for causing a
disturbance on the First Choice Airways flight from London to Cuba. The
plane was diverted and ended up landing at Bermuda's LF Wade
International Airport. According to media reports, the passenger's
behaviour was both threatening and aggressive, and the situation became
especially grave when Lyons dashed for one of the emergency exists.

Eye witnesses told journalists that Dean Lyons was clearly very heavily
intoxicated during the flight. The unruly passenger had apparently
consumed large amounts of duty free alcohol, causing him to display
threatening behaviour towards the flight attendants on the plane, as
well as other passengers. Once the aircraft landed safely in Bermuda,
local authorities immediately went onboard and arrested Lyons. The other
passengers-of which there were 268–were provided with complimentary
accommodation at the Grotto Bay Beach Resort, while others were put up
at the Fairmont Southampton Hotel. The passengers were only able to
continue their trip to Cuba the following afternoon.

Rather than being booked and charged in Bermuda, local authorities sent
Lyons back to London, aboard a Zoom Airlines plane, in order to face
charges for his dangerous behaviour on the aircraft. The case against
Lyons is presently on-going, and he is expected to make a courtroom
appearance later this week.

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