Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Chávez's proposed ALBA Army rejected in Nicaragua

Chávez's proposed ALBA Army rejected in Nicaragua

Nicaraguan opposition leaders rebutted as "a smokescreen" and "a
senseless adventure" President Hugo Chávez's proposal to organize a
joint armed force comprising the member countries of the Bolivarian
Alternative for the Americas (ALBA), Efe reported.

The plan "is a huge smokescreen" of President Chávez and endorsed by his
Nicaraguan counterpart Daniel Ortega, "given the incapacity to rule for
the poor," said Eduardo Montealegre, of opposition Alianza Liberal
Nicaragüense party (ALN).

Montealegre, the first runner-up in the vote where Sandinist Ortega was
elected, said Chávez's proposal is not serious. "All they want is people
to deviate their attention from the real problems facing Venezuela,
Nicaragua, Bolivia and Cuba (member countries of ALBA), where people are
hit by misery, hunger and lack of medicines."

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