Monday, October 30, 2006

More than 30 days without running water

More than 30 days without running water

HAVANA, Cuba - October 6 (Amarilis C. Rey, Cuba-Verdad / - Residents of the Mantilla neighborhood in Havana have
gone 30 days without running water in their homes.

Water authorities blame the breakdown of a motor that cut down pumping
capacity, although they said whoever was in charge of opening the valves
shared the blame.

Residents say they have only seen one tank truck in all that time, and
that the water from that was not enough for everyone that needed it.

Some said they have paid up to 200 pesos to tank truck drivers to divert
a load to their homes, but most people in the neighborhood say they
can't afford that.

The area delegate to the local government tried to put a positive spin
on the situation, saying there were no mosquito breeding grounds in the
neighborhood: "How could we have standing water if there isn't enough
even for the people?"

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