Friday, August 29, 2014

Dominican, Cuban authorities sign immigration agreement

Dominican, Cuban authorities sign immigration agreement

Santo Domingo.- As a result of the Seventh Round of Cuba-Dominican
Republic Migration Talks, which took place at the Foreign Relations
Ministry, the two countries signed an immigration agreement aimed at
regulating illegal immigration.

The agreement was signed by Immigration Agency director Jose Taveras and
Consular and Immigration Affairs Deputy minister Nelly Perez. The Cuban
delegation was headed by ambassador Rafael Daussa, who was accompanied
by Cuban ambassador in the Dominican Republic Alexis Bandrich Vega.

According to, Taveras said that due to the lack of
opportunitiethe and the existance of inequalities, the migration
phenomenon will continue to be a problem that requires attention by the
states. "That is why cooperation for the order and legality in migration
flows is an imperative in our times."

Smuggling cases involving Cubans, including baseball players, have been
heard lately in Santo Domingo and Santiago courts. Among the Cuban
professionals who have migrated to the Dominican Republic illegally are
journalists, doctors and teachers.

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