Sunday, August 31, 2014

Cuban Health Authorities Alert on Increasing Dengue Prevalence

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Cuban Health Authorities Alert on Increasing Dengue Prevalence

Havana, Cuba, Aug 30.- The prevalence of Dengue in many countries of
the world continues to pose a complex situation said Cuban health
authorities who alerted that the presence on the island of all four
Dengue types triggers major concern.

The alert was made by Doctor Gilberto Zamora, expert with the Ministry
of Health during a prime-time TV show on Friday.

Dengue has been identified in 35 Cuban municipalities, 15 of them in
Havana, said Doctor Zamora, who called for a higher preparation of
health professionals and the people after the four types of the virus
have appeared in the country.

Doctor Rosaida Ochoa, head of Unit for Health Promotion and Prevention
of Diseases, insisted in the need to take all precaution measures at
homes, workplaces and schools to prevent the spread of Dengue.

She said that such measures will also protect the people from
Chikungunya virus, which has been reported in only 13 imported cases.

Meanwhile, Doctor Alberto Duran who heads the Department of
Transmissible Diseases at the Health Ministry called on the people to
look for medical attention in the event symptoms like high fever, muscle
pains, because the disease may evolve very fast.

He also alerted that the presence of abundant diarrheas in a short
period of time is also a reason to go soon to the doctor, since cholera
continues to be a threat.

Cuba has reinforced surveillance and control measures against the Ebola
virus, said the director of the Pedro Kouri Tropical Medicine Institute,
Doctor Jorge Perez, who alerted about the ways the disease can be

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