Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cuba debt cancellation 'unbelievable'

Cuba debt cancellation 'unbelievable'
by Gunnshot
2010-12-17 09:23

Many of the goings on in this country are so unbelievable, that often it
feels as though they cannot be real.

Just recently the ANC government wrote off a R1.1bn debt to Cuba. Why?
Does South Africa have billions to give away? Does the Health Department
have no problems? Are there no mud schools in the country? Does every
South African town have world class service delivery? Does everyone have
access to electricity and water?

One would have to surmise that this country is in brilliant shape
because if it is not, because how else can it give away such vast sums
of money? In this instance, it appears to be because Cuba gave the
President their highest Noddy Badge. They must have been struggling to
not howl with laughter at this lunacy, which I'm sure they did as soon
as "His Excellency" was out of earshot. Where does it end?

It has taken the Mail and Guardian to years to force the ANC government
to release a report made by two judges, sent by Mbeki, to report on the
2002 Zimbabwe Election that Mbeki later described as been free and fair.

It is obvious that this was not what they reported but any level headed
person with more than a G for woodwork in Matric would know this. We
also know that the MDC won the 2008 election by a landslide even though
Malema's hero Mugabe had hundreds of MDC supporters murdered and
thousands tortured in order to try and steal that election. He failed so
he just then blatantly stole it. He has consistently agreed to meet his
obligations in the GPA and then simply ignored them. Now he is preparing
to murder and maim his party's way back into power next year.

Zanu-PF are reportedly giving sanctuary to a Mr Mpiranya who was a
commander in the Rwandan Presidential Guard. He is wanted by the
International Criminal Tribunal for the Rwandan genocide and there is a
$5m reward out for him by the Rewards for Justice Program. He is
implicated in leading the genocide in Rwanda that resulted in over one
million murders.

It is reported that he has businesses in Harare and is involved with
training the notorious Zanu-PF Youth Militias before letting them loose
on the poor Zimbabwean population prior to next year's election. He is
not the first murderous tyrant to find sanctuary with Mugabe. Mengestu,
also wanted for the genocide of millions of his own citizens, has been a
guest of Mugabe's for many years.

In light of all this it seems that South Africa has been accepting and
supporting the Mugabe regime since at least 2002 knowing full well that
his government has not had the mandate of its citizens, whilst ignoring
what Mugabe has done in order to retain power.

We then have to listen to the ramblings of Malema in support of what is
essentially an illegitimate government brought about through terror and
murder against its own people.

If the people of South Africa can accept this, woe and betide their
freedoms to live and choose going into the future. It cannot be real. It
must be a bad dream.

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